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Legal Notice, Disclaimers, and Privacy Policy Herein Kyle Chiropractic Clinic

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This Uniform Legal Notice ("Agreement") is located online on one or more related web sites in an Adobe PDF format including without limit  This Agreement is also accessible through various menu options available on the foregoing web sites. This Agreement contains the basic terms associated with all Resources of, and agreements with, Adopting Company (Herein, Kyle Chiropractic Clinic), as well as with Designated Resources of Ancillary Entities. You are responsible for reading these terms carefully as a condition of using this web site, as well as of purchasing, using, and relying upon, Company Resources. The Terms include without limit and as set forth in the below sections the Terms of Any and all applicable Sponsorship Agreements, Affiliate Membership Agreements, Subscription Agreements, Business Associate Agreement (to the extent required by HIPAA), Licensure of Multi-media Products, Conference Participation, Web Site Use, and Privacy, as well as General Terms common to all such Agreements. The Resources of Company and/or of other Ancillary Entities do not constitute legal advice, cannot be relied upon as legal advice, and do not establish an client-attorney relationship. Such Resources are provided for educational, awareness, and discussion purposes only and as such, are provided strictly as samples or illustrations. While Company may be able to assist you in finding an attorney, the Company is not a law firm and does not offer legal representation to any third-party. If you have questions or issues of a legal nature, you should contact an attorney at law respectively.  Click Here for a PDF Copy of Our Legal Notice.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. If you cannot make a change, change the way you have been thinking. You might find a new solution.”

- Maya Angelou

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Our Commitment Statement™
Best Injury Practice Standards™ – General
Best Injury Practice Standards™ – Case Management
*Model Financial Policy™
Uniform Legal Notice™

This subsection entitled, “Our Commitment & Best Practice Standards,” is hereby adopted by Kyle Chiropractic Clinic (herein, “Our Company”).  Our Company is an independent licensee of Best Injury Practices, Inc., dba PI Back Office (  Among other things, Our Model Financial Policy™ qualifies, limits, and disclaims Free and Pre-Discounted Items wherever they may appear on any advertisement of Our Company.  Our Company hereby attests and has determined that any Class 1 Item which it may advertise for “free,” by its very nature, is not likely to be reimbursable by any insurance Payer to whom Our Company periodically submits claims, and shall further be coded as such to the extent it is posted in our billing software system, if at all.  Please refer to Our Model Financial Policy for more details.  All text contained within this Subsection is subject to a Copyright © 2017-present by Best Injury Practices, Inc. (  The root phrases, “BestInjury,”™  “BestMassage,”™ “BestWellness,”™ “BestChiropractic,”™ along with the phrases, “Best Wellness & Injury,”™ “Best Injury & Wellness,”™ “Best Injury & Massage,”™ “Our Commitment & Best Practices Standards,”™ “Best Injury Practice Standards”™ “Uniform Legal Notice”™ and “Model Financial Policy”™  are trademarks of Best Injury Practices.  All rights reserved.  WITHOUT LIMITING RIGHTS IN ANY FASHION, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY YOU LINK TO, OR ATTEMPT TO COPY OR INCORPORATE (“USE”), DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, ANY PART OF, THIS SUBSECTION OR ANY PAGE OR RESOURCE TO WHICH IT LINKS, EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZED IN WRITING BY BEST INJURY PRACTICES.  USE OF THIS SUBSECTION IS RESTRICTED TO HEALTHCARE ENTITIES WHICH ARE IN IMPLEMENTATION OF BESTINJURY™ PRACTICES TRAINING AND HAVE ALSO EXECUTED APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS. 

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