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Chiropractic Care Improves Functionality for Runners

Running in Kyle TX is one of the most common forms of exercise. With extensive exercise of this type comes the risk for repetitive injury, especially if you don’t take precautions. It doesn’t matter if you are racing or running for the exercise, the repetitive beating that your joints take adds up quickly. So, whether you’re a marathon runner, an Olympic athlete, or just jog regularly to shed off a few pounds, visiting a chiropractor can help you be the best runner you can be. Here is how:

How Kyle TX Chiropractic Can Make You Be The Best Runner You Can Be


When your body is misaligned, so are your runs. For example, if you have any asymmetry, like uneven hips, the result is an uneven stride in your run (and even your walk). Over time, this unevenness will cause one side of your body to undergo excessive wear and tear leading to injury and eventually arthritis. Visiting a chiropractor can help even out your stride allowing your body to better handle the hard pounding of the pavement or a treadmill.

Even though running has many health benefits, the risk to your joints is high if you are running out of alignment.

In addition, the negative impact of running on an asymmetrical spine can be devastating to your ability to function optimally. The nervous system is the system in your body that is responsible for controlling and coordinating all function. It just so happens that 90% of your central nervous system travels through and in-between your spinal bones. Therefore, alignment and motion of the spine will either allow for proper nerve flow or not. Any asymmetry of the spine will put dangerous pressure on the spinal cord or the spinal nerve roots (this is commonly known as Vertebral Subluxation). Have you ever tried to bang a bent nail into a piece of wood? The bent nail becomes more bent, not less bent.

As you run on a “bent” spine it becomes more bent, not less bent, and this increases the negative impact on your nervous system and your ability to function optimally!


So, you have poor alignment and it’s already too late. You are experiencing either pain in your feet, shoulders, low back, knees or maybe even pinched nerves. Don’t worry, we can still help you. Through specific, gentle, and non-addictive chiropractic adjustments, we can get you back on the pavement running without pain. Chiropractors can even help those with sprained ankles, knees or tendons regain strength and optimal mobility.


As the saying goes “Prevention is worth a pound of cure,” which is all too true with runners as well. The most common problems that runners incur are overuse injuries. Some of these include but are not limited to, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and ankle sprains. When you run with an unlevel spine or unlevel hips, your body has to compensate for that asymmetry. Chiropractors perform thorough functional examinations, and postural evaluations to determine whether a runner may have any deficiencies or problems in their spinal and pelvic biomechanics that may cause future problems – such as overuse injuries. Visiting your chiropractor will help you catch the potential for injury before it happens, allowing you to keep running without interruption or time off for rehabilitation.

Whether you’re a runner and want to continue or have a lifetime of pain-free runs, or a runner already experiencing pain, contact Kyle Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. Thomas will perform a thorough spine and nervous system evaluation to see if there are any asymmetrical shifts in your spine and hips that are impacting your nervous system’s ability to keep you functioning optimally. If so, then we can help improve your run and your life!

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