Chiropractic Care For Volleyball Players in Kyle TX

Chiropractic Kyle TX Chiropractic Care For Volleyball Players

You probably wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that the sport with the highest participation rate in the world is soccer. But did you know that volleyball is number two? That’s right – whether it’s indoor or beach, volleyball is a hugely popular sport among both men and women. In fact, almost a half-million high school students in the U.S. alone play volleyball every year. So whether you are the parent of a teen volleyball player or an avid beach volleyball rec league participant, we want you to be ready for your next season – and that means avoiding injuries in Kyle TX!

Reduce Volleyball Injuries Through Chiropractic Care in Kyle TX

Volleyball is a demanding sport. Athletes are expected to be fit and in shape, and extensive training can take a toll on the body. Chiropractic care has been used in the field of sports for decades now, and it can benefit volleyball players in multiple ways. If you are really into the game or just play volleyball on the weekends, check the reasons below to see why visiting a chiropractor is a good idea.

    Unfortunately, most professional volleyball players don’t get proper recovery time from training or playing. With reduced recovery periods, the body can get sore and stiff. A chiropractor can help reduce the soreness associated with the repetitive nature of the sport. Apart from seeing a difference in your fitness levels, you can recover faster during the season.
    According to a study published in 2012, athletes who received chiropractic care showed better speed and mobility. On the court, you need lightning reflexes and perfect hand-eye coordination. Speed, mobility, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination all depend on a properly functioning nervous system. 90% of your central nervous system travels through your spine.

    • Spinal alignment can either allow for proper nerve flow or disrupt nerve flow. When one or more spinal segments are misaligned and locked out of place, the effect on the nervous system can seriously impact your speed, mobility, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. With a properly functioning spine and nervous system, you can expect to be at your best on the field.
    The healing process takes time. There is no way around it. The issue is not that healing takes time, but how much time healing takes. It has been shown that people under chiropractic care heal faster than those who are not. This applies to the athlete and non-athlete alike.
    Volleyball can exert pressure on your neck and back. Using a simple and gentle procedure called an adjustment, the chiropractic doctor can reduce the pressure around the nerve roots that exit the spine. This will help improve your range of motion, increase your strength, and increase your overall endurance, all of which will help improve your performance.

To see how chiropractic care can help you improve your game, contact Kyle Chiropractic Clinic. We will perform a thorough spine and nervous system assessment to see if any alignment issues are affecting your nervous system and keeping you from performing at your best.

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