Suffering From Neck Pain in Kyle TX?

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Working as a chiropractor in Kyle TX, I have seen thousands of patients for one reason or another. Many times, the pain they are experiencing is symptomatic of an issue centered around the spine. This is especially true when it comes to neck pain.

What is Neck Pain?

That seems like an obvious question, especially if you have ever suffered from neck pain. Maybe better questions are, what is the origin of neck pain, and why does it occur? Most of the neck pain that I see in my chiropractic practice is due to an underlying cause at the spinal column level.

The neck is made up of 7 bones that are separated by discs that allow for free movement. Because most people are not aware that they need to maintain the health of their spine, and on top of that have multiple traumas throughout their lives, these spinal bones can misalign and lock out of place. This is more often than not, the underlying cause of neck pain.

When a spinal bone, in the neck or any other area of the spine, misaligns and becomes locked out of place it will cause damage to the disc, the bones themselves, as well as the spinal cord and spinal nerves.

Neck pain can run from mildly annoying to severe and debilitating.

Common symptoms of neck pain are:

  • Stiffness affecting the range of motion
  • Sharp stabbing pain
  • General overall soreness and tiredness or fatigue in the neck
  • Pain/tingling/numbness/burning that radiates into the shoulder, arm, hand and/or fingers

Depending on what the misaligned and locked spinal bone is damaging, you will eventually feel one of these symptoms.

Unfortunately, these symptoms do not occur until enough damage has been done. That means many of my patients have undetected damage occurring way before their first symptom ever appears.

How can a Kyle TX Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractors focus on detecting and correcting spinal bones that have misaligned and locked out of place, which are damaging the spinal bones, discs, and interfering with vital nerve messages. By locating these areas commonly known as

Vertebral Subluxations, the chiropractic doctor addresses the issue at the root, not the surface, resulting in:

  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Decreased swelling
  • Improved range of motion
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased ability to be active and return to a former lifestyle

Not only does correcting Vertebral Subluxations result in the above improvements, but the damage to the spinal bones, spinal discs, and spinal nerves can now also heal, positively impacting how the rest of your body functions as well.

To see if chiropractic care is right for you, we will perform a consultation, thorough chiropractic examination, take x-rays on-site (if necessary), and go over your test results with you. If your tests confirm the presence of Vertebral Subluxation, we can help you address the problem before it develops into something more serious.

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